About Me

Burre Burger



Where did it all begin? Recently, I was involved in a huge car accident in which I wanted to take my own life. This was before I knew there would be such a devastating drought in South-Africa. When I came to, I promised Jesus, “I will do whatever YOU need me to do”.

After I recovered, I had a braai (BBQ) with my brother in law's brother in Boesmanland and we spoke of how everyone was complaining about the drought; yet to me everything still seemed fine.

While we were braai-ing the most beautiful clouds gathered over the farm and I said: “Tonight Jesus is painting a beautiful sky”. My brother in law’s brother replied: “If only He could paint on earth…”

It was then that I realised, if we start doubting Jesus then there are serious problems.

That night I could not sleep, because how could I when others were having such a hard time? Then I realised that Jesus was showing me this in order to show me where I need to help. And so it all started.

At first I decided to keep it local and help only farmers close to me because I was a one man show and paid for everything myself. I then got a phone call from a farmer in Pofadder which is about 455km from where I am, asking if I could help, I said: “Sorry, I cannot”.

Later, while I was driving home I spoke to Jesus as if He was sitting right beside me and asked Him to give me a sign about whether I should help the people of Pofadder or not. I said: “Jesus, I will help Pofadder if you say I must”. All day I was on the lookout for a sign… That evening, while driving home, my sister phoned and asked me to stop for KFC. On the way I stopped for some fuel – just enough to make it home, and a stranger walked up to me, payed for my fuel and said: “Keep doing what you are doing”. I immediately told Jesus that I would help Pofadder.

Beautiful things have crossed my path during this time, strangers have become friends and friends became strangers; but one thing is for certain, I have grown a lot closer to Jesus.

GOD IS GREAT and we need to shout it out…